Window on the West Views From the American Frontier

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October 18, 2014 – January 11, 2015 Warner Gallery

Bierstadt Nebraska TerritoryWeb

Window on the West, a collection of Arthur J. Phelan, is an extraordinary examination of Western American art. The exhibition features 64 paintings and drawings by artists who were some of the first non-indigenous people to cast an eye over the western frontier. Artists represented in this spectacular exhibition include some of the greatest, most prominent American landscape and genre painters of the 19th and early 20th centuries, including: John James Audubon, Albert Bierstadt, Frederick Remington, John F. Kensett, and Peter Moran, among others.

Hill Giant Geyser, YellowstoneText accompanying the exhibition states:

The works here offer a unique view of western development that differs from many of the more mythic interpretations that have ingrained themselves into America’s popular imagination. This is the West presented not as the stuff of legend so often displayed on the silver screen, but rather as a newly minted frontier seen through the eyes of those artists who personally explored the West and recorded on paper and canvas what they discovered.

Loosely divided into three themes, the exhibition explores the ways in which America’s ideas of national identity became intertwined with, and expressed through, our visual conception of the western frontier. The section entitled “Natural Beauty, Natural Wonder” consists of landscapes sometimes painted to lure potential settlers with depictions of the wide open spaces, mountainous skylines, and geological formations foreign to the native scenery of the East Coast. Similarly, views depicting “Western Settlement and Development” attempted to convince potential settlers that frontier life, while still exotic, offered luxuries and security comparable to what they were leaving behind. A third section, “Images and Icons,” documents the people who came before and after settlement began to alter the raw natural beauty of the landscape.

This diverse visual anthology of westward expansion and settlement illustrates how certain art works are products of their social, political and economic contexts. Window on the West reminds us to think critically about westward migration in America and how much truth is actually reflected in a typical John Wayne Saturday matinee.

Images: Top: Albert Bierstadt, Nebraska Territory Wasatch Mountains, 1859, oil on canvas;
Above, Thomas Hill, Giant Geyser, Yellowstone, oil on paper

The American Series is an annual event which shares, with our regional audience, the rich art history and culture of our nation. Represented in these exhibitions are many of the key artists and artistic movements responsible for creating an American art legacy. This will be the 8th year we have offered this series and it continues to gain momentum and respect in the community for the rich visual perspectives it offers on American art.

The South Bend Museum of Art’s 2013-2014 Exhibition Program is made possible, in part, with support from the Community Foundation of St. Joseph County’s ArtsEverywhere Initiative.

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