The Art of Valor

Exhibition Dates:

August 26 – November 12, 2017 
Jerome J. Crowley Community Gallery

The Art of Valor is a collaborative exhibition between local veterans, the South Bend Vet Center, and artists from the University of Notre Dame and Indiana University South Bend. Veterans from the South Bend community volunteered to share their military experiences with the artists, who each created a piece of art reflecting what the artist interpreted from the veteran. This tremendous exercise in trust is brilliantly displayed along the walls in the gallery to allow visitors to witness a glimpse into the veteran’s experience.

Included in the exhibit will be the masterful and moving portraits produced with a thermal-imaging camera. Professor Richard Gray uses his unique art to capture the viewer’s imagination and creativity by showing a different perception of the veteran.

The Art of Valor provides a unique first-hand perspective into many aspects of the lives of local veterans across generations. We hope that visitors will utilize this experience to reach out and learn how they can assist in the veteran community.


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