Exhibition Dates:

June 17, 2017 – May 19, 2019
Reception at the South Bend Museum of Art: September 1, 2017 | 5:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Begun in 2013, Sightlines is an ongoing collaborative exhibition between Century Center and the South Bend Museum of Art featuring large installations of artwork by artists from both within and outside the region. A national call for entries is announced every two years from which new artists are selected. Selection is based on the quality of the proposals, the harmony among the artworks, and how the selection committee can envision the work activating various spaces within Century Center. All artworks in Sightlines are located in or outside of Century Center, highlighting not only the artworks themselves, but also the voluminous space and distant lines of sight that are available throughout the building and grounds.

Sightlines provides a unique experience for chance art encounters for visitors to the Century Center, engaging them in a moment of artistic appreciation or contemplation — or even perhaps to challenge their preconception of “what is art?”

Current artists:

Heather Brammeier  (Peoria, IL)

Ioan Florea  (Shelbyville, IL)

Lea Goldman  (South Bend, IN)

Gina Herrera  (Bakersfield, CA)

Sean Hottois  (South Bend, IN)

Sasha de Koninck  (Santa Monica, CA)

Gautam Rao  (Indianapolis, IN)

Richard Shipps  (Chicago, IL)

Past artists:
Jeff Boshart (Charleston, IL); 2013–2017
Roger Boulay (Winona, MN); 2015–2017
Maria Lux (Champaign, IL); 2013–2015
Mollie Oblinger (Ripon, WI); 2013–2015
Robert Patrick (White Bear, MN); 2015–2017
Jake Webster (Elkhart, IN); 2013–2015
Images of 2017–2019 installations:
Richard Shipps, Paperika Revisited, 2015, white and painted Tyvek paper on metal grid
Sean Hottois, Big Commerce, 2015, acrylic paint, MDF, computer, WiFi transceiver
Lea Goldman (6 oil on canvas paintings)
Ioan Florea (6 pigment and resin fused on canvas paintings)
Gina Herrera, Chronicle of Compulsion, 2017, found materials
Gautam Rao, whatever happens to you, happens to me, 2017, original lettering, aluminum signs, steel poles
Sasha de Koninck, You’re Making Me Blush, 2017, digitally printed cotton canvas, photochromic ink (8 tapestries)
Heather Brammeier, Rhyme, 2015, wood, paint, PEX, zip ties (roof)

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