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The Performing Media Festival:   An International New Media Exhibition in the Project Room Gallery and Weikamp Gallery at the South Bend Museum of Art.  

Curated by: Krista Hoefle, Brandi Bowman and Josh Miller.

Exhibition Dates:  January 14- March 19, 2023.

Reception:  Friday, February 3, 2023

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exercise to open the sea #1 by Thales Ferreira

Every river flows into the sea. Take back the feeling of getting in touch with the immensity of the ocean for the first time. Seek to dilute yourself in this unknown. Trying to open the sea that is also inside. The much admired edge of Rio de Janeiro is a geographical, creative, political and ecological space in dispute, where the land meets the sea on its natural or built relief, and cuts the subjectivity of its inhabitants.


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Breathing by Allison Tanenhaus

Collaborative video—featuring music by Maria Finkelmeier and Tim Hall, with visuals by glitch artist Allison Tanenhaus—that promotes breathing, reflection, and relaxation.


The Performing Media Festival showcases new works of integrated media with emerging technologies by artists who are unapologetically crossing disciplinary boundaries. For this, the 6th annual Performing Media Festival, there will be in-person performance events held at Indiana University South Bend, virtual events and live streams to access through the website, and this specially curated installation by curatorial staff at the South Bend Museum of Art in the Project Room and Weikamp Galleries. Selected artists come from all around the world, from as far away as Barcelona (Spain), Sao Paolo (Brazil) and Osaka (Japan).

PMF co-directors Ryan Olivier and Eric Souther have come to define performing media as a genre that uses multimedia elements in a performative manner which so far has come to include live audio-visual performances, generative media processes, and edits/recordings of real-time captures. To date, the festival has brought guest artists from across the country and abroad to present their works in South Bend and thus weave new thoughts and ideas about art and media into the fabric of the community.

This year’s live performance festival will feature special guest artist Sabina Covarrubias (PhD), headliners After Ours (Eli Kahn & Arthur Schroeder), student electronic music ensemble the Audio Visual Collective, and a full roster of instrumentalists from Ensemble Concept/21 (EC/21). The festival will take place across the city at the South Bend Museum of Art (January 14 – March 19, 2023), on the campus of Indiana University South Bend (March 9, 2023), and at the arts incubator Langlab South Bend (March 10, 2023).

International Artists selected for Project Room Gallery and Weikamp Gallery includes:

Cheryl Pagurek

Eric Lemmon

Joao Pedro Oliveira

Allison Tanenhaus

Gabriel Jose Bolanos Chamorro

Dave Mosier aka DaVideo_Tape
Sophia Bruekner

Steve Bretschneider


Minato Sakamoto

Julie Zhu

Thales Ferreira

David Fodel

John Gibson

Leandro Limonghi

Aurora Gasull Altisent

Yuanyuan (Kay) He

Varun Kishore

Daniel Blinkhorn

Join us for the First Friday Reception and Meet the Artists gallery talk with Art League Exhibition Artists Melonie Mulkey and Sara Fahling on Friday, February 3, 2023.   Reception from 5-9pm; Gallery Talk from 6-6:45pm.  All events are free and open to the public.

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