Chance ‘N Charlie by Josh Samuelson

Exhibition Dates:

Chance ‘N Charlie is a strange, comedic, and sometimes horrific short film that was created by Josh Samuelson. His intention behind the work is to emulate the feeling of turning on the television and switching to an odd channel you’ve never seen before. Chance ‘N Charlie includes various forms of multimedia: puppetry, video, 3D design, character design, and more. This series is an invitation to embrace the weird and unusual. The work covers the feeling of the uncanny and unknown as the viewers witness a series of strange, horrific, and sometimes comedic events.

Please join us for a celebration reception for Chance ‘N Charlie on Friday, June 7 from 5:00 – 8:00 pm, along with the large group exhibition Around the Bend (Warner Gallery), and LIMINAL: Indiana in the Anthropocene by Zach Schrank (The Art League Gallery).

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