2022 Festival of Banners: Collaborate

Exhibition Dates:

This year’s theme, Collaboration, asked artists to envision a brighter future through collaboration. Our area of the world, Michiana, is host to individuals, families, and organizations who come together to support one another and create change in our community. We acknowledge through our collaborative efforts, that we don’t get anywhere alone and that we can do greater things together. 

Congratulations to all of our Festival Artists this year! Our incredibly talented and insightful juror, Tre Goodhue, selected the banners for display this year (all 75 of them!) as well as awarding the following winners for their creativity and response to this year’s theme. 

Head to DTSB for a walk through the streets to enjoy this beautiful outdoor festival of art. Be sure to check out the 1st place winners at the intersection of Martin Luther King Jr BLVD and Washington.

Thank you to Tre and to all of our artists this year, for sharing your vision of collaboration with our community. And a special thank you to DTSB for collaborating with us on this project, year-after-year. 


1st Place: Elaine Desmarais

2nd Place: Kathleen Aman

3rd Place: Shoji Nakayama


1st Place: Nikolette Mazar

2nd Place: Maribelle Rivera

3rd Place: Mary Glenn


1st Place: Isabela Juricevic

2nd Place: Molly Stevens

3rd Place: Elizabeth Helm

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2022 Festival Of Banners- Collaborate

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