2020 Student/Faculty Exhibition

Exhibition Dates:

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Due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, we have decided to make it an online exhibition for 2020.

SBMA online | June 30 – October 27, 2020

About the Exhibition
The annual SBMA Student/Faculty Exhibition features artwork created by students and faculty who had enrolled in or taught a course at the museum during the past 12 months. Each artist was allowed to submit one work and nothing was juried out. Only students were eligible for awards. This virtual exhibition consists of 28 artworks by artists of all ages in a variety of media including painting, drawing, ceramics, sculpture and fibers.

Adult Awards
1st place – Anthony J. Germano, Pink Houses (Mellencamp) 
2nd place – Mary Firtl, Heading to Square Ledge Trail

Youth Awards
1st place – Maren Rospenda, Treasure Island
2nd place – Nicholas Chritton, Billy

We had two Jurors this year. Alexandra Schaufele juried the adult entries and Casey Smallwood juried the youth entries.

Alexandra’s Statement
Jurying an art exhibition is always a challenge, whether it is virtual or in person, this is especially true when the works are the culmination of a student’s growth in their own practice. For this reason, all the artists in the Student/Faculty Show must be applauded; It is clear that they have all put immense time, effort, and skill into their works.

When selecting the award winners I considered the visual impact of the artwork, its content, and its execution. Visual impact meaning the work immediately catches the viewer’s eye and holds it. Content refers to the stories a work tells or the conversations it prompts. Execution refers to the technical skill and care in presentation.

Alex Schaufele is the Assistant Curator of Education, Public Programs at the Snite Museum of Art. Previously she was the Art Coordinator at the former Notre Dame Center for Arts and Culture managing the Crossroads Gallery and other exhibition spaces.

Casey’s Statement
I am always touched when young people take a chance and submit their work for exhibition or critique; it’s that confidence that resonates in the work shown by Maren and Nicholas. And it is that confidence that we hope to build here in our youth studios at SBMA. 

Maren’s piece, Treasure Island, uses a color scheme and imagery that takes the viewer into another realm – one that is familiar and also one that is imaginary all at once. The various textures and play with scale is whimsical and inviting. 

Nicholas’s ceramic vessel, Billy, is one that displays an incredible amount of skill and vision. The two-toned glaze finishes the delicate form with a sense of ease and beauty.Casey Smallwood is the Curator of Education at the South Bend Museum of Art. Casey is a practicing artist working with a variety of mediums to depict issues of class as related to popular culture.

Sale inquiries will be directed to the artist.

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