10 x 10: Ten Women/Ten Prints

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Carmichael Gallery | Works on Paper

In 1995 the Berkeley Art Center in collaboration with Jos Sances of Alliance Graphics produced a portfolio of serigraphs by ten distinguished women artists. The project celebrated International Women’s Day and marked 75 years of women’s experience in america since the passage of the 19th Amendment which granted women the right to vote.

With their ages spanning more than three decades and all coming from diverse ethnic and social backgrounds, the artists have become activists, working for civil and human rights and the protection of children, as well as for personal freedom for women in the workplace, in public life, in artistic expression, and in the most intimate areas of their private lives. Each artist created distinct imagery that reflect these issues exploring not only the pain, but also the richness of the female experience.

Works on paper

A large part of SBMA’s permanent collection consists of prints, drawings, watercolors and other works on paper. Due to the sensitivity of paper to the environment, certain exhibition and storage requirements must be followed. These include limited duration of display, periodic rotation of work, low light levels, storage in darkness, environmental conditions that are maintained within specified levels, careful handling instructions and travel restrictions. To ensure preservation, the works on display in this section will change more frequently. this will also allow the museum to exhibit a wider variety of the permanent collection.

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