Making a Way

In this moment when everyday routines have been disrupted or altogether paused, the act of making can be a refuge — an escape from the ongoing uncertainties and anxieties imposed by the COVID-19 crisis. Some artists of MAKING A WAY | SOLACE had previously and deliberately developed their practice as a form of meditation (Jennifer Printz). Others are finding the familiar act of making their artwork a useful strategy for processing our current situation (Laurén Brady, William Tourtillotte), and as time for reflection (Daniel Kukla, Laurel Lueders). For some, their work brings quiet focus to time’s passage (Fern T. Apfel, Leviticus Shand), while others use it as an opportunity to rediscover their past (Richard Nickel). These solitary acts not only help the artists weather this stressful time, but they also offer the chance for others to discover their own respite in the experience of their work. 

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