Shawn Rowe

Making a Way

Making A Way | Adaptation
Artists: Andranik Aroutiounian, Pat Brentano, Rachel Burgess, Jennifer Celio, Joe Karlovec, Ken Reker, Shawn Rowe, Amy Schissel

Shawn Rowe: On his work
Shawn Rowe: How Coronavirus has affected his practice

I’m Alone Tonight, I Leave Tomorrow is a step into a sort of state of mind that is influenced by my queer identity but also by the circumstances we now find ourselves in. This series is a self-portrait, a visual struggle of dissociation and reconfiguring of relationships, both past, and present. One that inhabits notes of brutality and fragility characterized through images of the body and the surrounding environment. I’m Alone Tonight, I Leave Tomorrow characterizes this relationship as both internal and external, with each body leaving marks upon the other. The images in this series are an expression of the inner dialogues that take place as I situate my identity: the questioning voices, the pained voices, the shock and disbelief, the performance that each of us puts on for the health of our personas. It is about the voice of social equity and the chorus of social input vying to influence the intersection of my identity.

Shawn Rowe is a Chicago based artist and educator exploring the complexities of gender and social constructs through portraiture, and the natural and built environment. Shawn’s work has been exhibited and featured throughout the United States and internationally including the Photographic Center Northwest, Space Place Gallery, Filter Space, and Der Greif. Shawn is also the Assistant Editor of SKYLARK EDITIONS, a non-profit book publisher in Chicago, IL. Shawn received an MFA in Photography from Columbia College Chicago and holds a BA in Psychology from Southern New Hampshire University.
Instagram: @shawnrowephoto