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Making a Way

Making A Way | Together
Artists: Diana Baumbach, Seamus Carey, Jonah Criswell, Andrew Elsten, Stacey Holloway, Melissa Huang & Drew Tetz, Chenyu Lin, and Eric Souther & Andrew Deutsch

Seamus Carey: How the Coronavirus has affected his practice
Seamus Carey: On his work

3/27/20 from Seamus Carey on Vimeo.

My work is a product of my curiosity surrounding the ways in which we use and interpret sound as individuals, communities, and participants in dynamic ecosystems. I enjoy experimenting with a variety of media, and my work manifests in various forms including music compositions, experimental instruments, performative objects, text scores, and videos. I use sound as a tool not only for my own expression but also to create spaces for myself and others to explore and interact with each other and our environments.

I am fascinated by the disparate modes of listening we use when confronted with different sounds in different situations. Many of my works play with these modes of listening, and are intended as opportunities to listen with conscious agency rather than inattentive reflex. Through re-listening to the mundanities of everyday life, we are able to derive information, meaning, and affect from otherwise empty sounds.

By examining the complexities of sound, I seek to mine notions of public vs. private, physical vs. mental, and objective vs. subjective for inconsistencies that catalyze reconsideration of these often oversimplified binaries. I utilize the distinct abilities of humans and machines to examine the lossiness of disparate modes of interpersonal communication through use of the controllable and uncontrollable elements of sound, technology, and the human body.

3/27/20 is the first installment of Blah Blah Blah, a series of diaristic performance videos embracing the boredom and mundanity of isolation while futilely attempting to compensate for the limitations of technologically mediated communication.

Seamus Carey is an artist working primarily with sound. Through the use of car horns, wind, trashcans, audio feedback, escalators, hand dryers, and feet, Seamus playfully explores the ways in which sound making and listening form and transform our relationship to ourselves, each other, and our environments.

Seamus’s solo and collaborative works have recently been performed at the New Blood XIII Festival at Links Hall, Waveforms Festival at Experimental Sound Studio, and exhibited at No Nation – Art Gallery and Tangential Unspace. Seamus received his BA in Music Composition from Bennington College and is currently pursuing and MFA in Studio through the Sound Department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
Instagram: @seamusaloysius