Making a Way

Works of art always speak to the time they were created in. However, we cannot help but also view them through the lens of the present. While most of the works included in MAKING A WAY | Perspective were created prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, their forms and content poignantly connect with our current situation. As some hospitals yet again begin to near capacity with cases of coronavirus, Kamari Carter’s Landline, Lifeline jarringly highlights modes of communication during emergencies. A sense of being cut off is prevalent in the photography of Natalie Christensen as social distancing continues. Skye Gilkerson’s works on paper pull us outside ourselves, offering a view of human loss and longing made small in relation to the universal scale of ongoing natural forces. As we all spend more time at home, ideas of the home and personal boundaries can be found in the work of Stacy Isenbarger. And finally, the longing for and apprehension towards physical closeness engages in a tug of war within us as we view the works of Chloe Ilene and New Industry Dance.

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