Melissa Huang & Drew Tetz

Making a Way

Making A Way | Together
Artists: Diana Baumbach, Seamus Carey, Jonah Criswell, Andrew Elsten, Stacey Holloway, Melissa Huang & Drew Tetz, Chenyu Lin, and Eric Souther & Andrew Deutsch

Drew Tetz & Melissa Huang: On their work
Drew Tetz & Melissa Huang: How Coronavirus has affected their practice
Drew Tetz & Melissa Huang: On their collaboration during quarantine

We (Drew Tetz and Melissa Huang) are a husband and wife team living and working in Atlanta, GA while we complete our MFAs at Georgia State University.

The Venus de la Void series is our first collaborative work made in quarantine. At the beginning of quarantine, Melissa started data moshing photographs of classical sculptures in an attempt to kickstart some paintings. Drew took inspiration from the data moshed imagery and designed a glitched 3D rendering of a Venus sculpture. The 3D rendering utilizes the fragmenting, stretching, and distortion often found in glitch images.

We’ve been using every inch of space in our one-bedroom apartment in downtown Atlanta. As such, Drew’s 3D printers are currently printing away in our closet! Drew has designed multiple glitched versions of the Venus sculpture and 3D printed them in multiples.

Melissa takes the 3D prints and hand paints them in oils. Each print is given a unique color application inspired by the bright colors and unusual transitions found in glitch images.

Melissa Huang Bio
Melissa Huang is an artist whose oil paintings, videos, and sculpture explore digitally constructed bodies and identities. Melissa received her BFA in Fine Arts Studio from the Rochester Institute of Technology and currently attends Georgia State University for her MFA in Drawing and Painting (expected May 2021). Melissa is an Appraiser of Fine Art with a background working in galleries, museums, and archives. Her work has been featured in publications including Fresh Paint Magazine, Art House Press, and Stone Canoe. Melissa is a founding member of the Politits Art Coalition, a feminist art group that exhibits collaboratively and curates an annual Women’s Work exhibition.
Instagram: @melissahuangart

Drew Tetz Bio
Drew Tetz is an American multidisciplinary artist & designer. His work primarily deals with phenakistoscopes, a medium generally considered to be the earliest form of animation. By adapting the pre-cinema format for a record player, he has unearthed a number of previously undiscovered visual techniques which push it from a Victorian parlor trick into an analog vision of the future, incorporating modern media such as 3D printing & lasercutting along with more traditional 2D prints, textiles, & more. Additionally, by applying turntable-focused concepts (adapted from the DJ world,) the discs transcend a simple visual loop & become a performance art unto themselves.

Drew has worked for musicians including The Claypool Lennon Delirium, Flying Lotus, Santana, Daedelus, Midland, & Bright Eyes, as well as brands such as Maison Valentino, Vans, the MLB All-Star Game, & Barneys NY. He lives in Atlanta with his wife (Melissa Huang, painter) and his cat (Bonabelle Beans, unemployed.)
Instagram: @drewtetz