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Making a Way

Making A Way | Freedom
Artists: Ling-lin Ku, Jonathan Pellitteri, David Sparks, Torina Stark

Jonathan Pellitteri: On his work
Jonathan Pellitteri: How Coronavirus has affected his practice

My studio practice is inspired by an upbringing in the building trades, a curiosity for materials, and a deep appreciation of craft. I develop my artwork through a combination of drawing and direct experimentation with materials, form, and scale. It is the act of making that drew me to sculpture. While my work has and continues to explore a variety of topics and forms it is guided by my enthusiasm for craft and a desire to communicate with viewers through objects.

The intent of my artwork is to create an atmosphere of inquisitiveness and exploration. Industrial structures, furniture, architecture, tools, and other familiar objects populate my sculptures. Combining life-sized objects and miniature representations I create works that engage viewers on a human scale as well as contain vast space within their boundaries. Intricate surfaces and interiors construct vignettes that become the settings for personal narratives and private contemplation.

The quasi-architectural and mechanical appearance of my sculptures combine archaic construction methods with modern techniques and materials, in an effort to demonstrate my appreciation for the immediacy of antiquated technology, as I embrace the advancements of today. It is my hope for viewers, that the carefully considered construction and subtle imperfections of my sculptures will emphasize their difference from the machine-made objects that fill our lives.

Jonathan Pellitteri is an artist based in Charlotte, North Carolina. His studio practice focuses on sculptural objects that combine an appreciation for craft with a curiosity for materials, and a desire to tell stories. Pellitteri was raised outside of Boston where he was introduced to the construction trades that have weighed heavily on his approach to art-making. Since leaving his native New England Pellitteri has lived and worked in North Carolina, Louisiana, North Dakota, Italy, and Switzerland. Each place has had an enormous impact on the materials, techniques, and imagery found in his work. Pellitteri’s artwork has been shown in numerous museums and galleries throughout the United States and parts of Europe, it is included in many public, private, and corporate collections.
Instagram: @jonathanpellitteri
Gallery representation: Saladino Gallery, Covington, Louisiana