Joe Karlovec

Making a Way

Making A Way | Adaptation
Artists: Andranik Aroutiounian, Pat Brentano, Rachel Burgess, Jennifer Celio, Joe Karlovec, Ken Reker, Shawn Rowe, Amy Schissel

Joe Karlovec: On his work
Joe Karlovec: How Coronavirus has affected his practice

I studied landscape architecture before focusing on art. My recent collages stems from this experience. Curiosities around landscape urbanism & environmental justice inform my practice. I take photographs incessantly, mostly documenting various landscapes from the rustbelt where I grew up, to tropical south Florida where I now live. The work references both landscape imagery and photo-documentation of my own painting practice. The result is a series of hand-cut digital collages on un-stretched canvas that appear as painterly and sculptural as they do photographic, much like the landscapes that inspire them.

Joe Karlovec (b. 1986, Columbus, OH) is an artist living and working in West Palm Beach, FL. His work has been exhibited by galleries in South Korea, Italy, Canada, and is represented by galleries in Nashville & Miami. Publications featuring his work include Studio Visit Magazine, CreativPaper Magazine, Art Reveal Magazine, and the International Drawing Annual. He has a BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art, and an MFA from Kent State University. Professionally, he has worked in galleries & museums throughout Ohio & Florida, and designed exhibitions for projects in Iowa and New York. He currently works as Production Manager at Farano Fine Art in West Palm Beach, FL.
Instagram: @joekarlovec