Making a Way

Until March of 2020, things were still operating pretty much as usual within the United States. But after the national state of emergency was declared on March 13 — two days after the Coronavirus outbreak was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization — new social distancing guidelines began coming into effect. Businesses and institutions all across the country began to close their doors, leading to the subsequent cancelation or postponement of public programming and gatherings. This of course included galleries and museums. Many artists were left in a vacuum as scheduled exhibitions, residencies, and lectures were canceled. However, many artists saw this pause as an opportunity — at least those who were able to maintain access to their studio spaces. Without regular hectic schedules and freed from deadlines, the artists of MAKING A WAY | FREEDOM appreciated the luxury of this newfound time (Ling-lin Ku, Jonathan Pellitteri, David Sparks). Artist Torina Stark also found that society’s sidestep from the everyday has surprisingly increased accessibility for her. This “glass is half-full” mindset has helped these artists nurture their practice during the ongoing crisis.

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