Chenyu Lin

Making a Way

Making A Way | Together
Artists: Diana Baumbach, Seamus Carey, Jonah Criswell, Andrew Elsten, Stacey Holloway, Melissa Huang & Drew Tetz, Chenyu Lin, and Eric Souther & Andrew Deutsch

Chenyu Lin: How the Coronavirus has affected his practice
Chenyu Lin: On his work

Life is boring
Life is weird
Life is fearful
Life is unexpected
Life is strange
Life is 他妈的 inexplicable.
My art is my life
I love my life.

Chenyu Lin is an artist from China. He received his BFA degree from Harbin, China, in 2017, and his MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago during the 2020 global epidemic.

By studying at SAIC, Chenyu discovered two very important elements in his work, adaptability and humor. Chenyu often refers to himself as an artist who needs assignments, which is not to say that he needs external pressure in order to work, but that when the creative environment becomes very limited and concrete, he is more motivated to challenge the rules represented by “assignments.” As he says in his own statement, life is varied, his life is his art, and he loves his life. Humor, on the other hand, is Chenyu’s most powerful weapon, able to get a wider audience to accept his work and understand his creative intentions in a relaxed way.

In the midst of the current epidemic, which is shared by people around the world, Chenyu also hopes to bring a sense of joy, rather than heaviness, to the audience through his work.
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