Alyssa Reiser Prince

Making a Way

Making A Way | Interruption
Artists: Jessica Dehen, Marley Foster, Hannah Nielsen, Alyssa Reiser Prince, Claire Whitehurst

Alyssa Reiser Prince: On her work
Alyssa Reiser Prince: How Coronavirus has affected her practice

This recent series of work explores how we create meaning through experiencing landscape. Sometimes, when remembered, these places become ungraspable. Other times, the places that seem to be of importance to us cannot be reconciled. These paintings explore the in-between-ness of landscape — how can a place be both with time and outside of our understanding of time. What happens when we try to remember? Yet, our perception of place is created through our very being-in-the-world. We remember places and know them within ourselves. This very “recreation” of such places is often fugitive and futile, a reminder of the dynamic relationship between our bodies and place.

Alyssa Reiser Prince lives and works in Hartsville, South Carolina, where she is an Assistant Professor of Art at Coker University. She received an MFA from Clemson University and a BFA from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Alyssa’s current research focuses on sensory-based experiences of place, space, and time. Her artwork has been shown nationally in group and solo exhibitions, including at venues such as, High Point University’s Darrell E. Sechrest Gallery; Lincoln Memorial University’s Center for the Arts; the Zhou B. Art Center in Chicago, Illinois; Miami University’s Young Painters Competition for the $10,000 Yeck Prize in Oxford, Ohio; the Center for Visual Arts in Greenville, SC; the Arts Center of Greenwood, SC; and at Penn State Altoona where she was the 2013 Emerging Artist-in-Residence.
Instagram: @alyssa.reiser.prince