Teen Drawing and Painting – 8 Weeks


Teen Drawing & Painting – 8 Weeks

For Ages 13+

Instructor:  Agnes Kukawska

Saturday Mornings starting October 2

Time: 9:00am – 11:00am

Location: Studios 1-3

Many artists begin creating art from what they see around them before they begin to create abstract art. This class will explore drawing and painting through still life as well as abstract drawing, painting, and collage. Supplies are provided in class.

Class Goals:

1. Develop your drawing and painting skills.
2. Explore and learn how opacity and reflection depicted in the bottles augment the strong visual element at the play in the still life.
3. Discover how to draw or paint the spaces between the object using different tones, observing the increasing contrast according to the angles of the light.
4. Work with different objects.( Each lesson focuses on a different element of the painting: the background and foreground, the vase, the bottles, the apples and the reflective objects).
5. Learn how to complete the still life as a realistic representation of the group of objects and as a dynamic composition of visual elements, harmonizing and contrasting the use of line, shape and tone.

Regular Tuition: $110

Member Tuition: $88, To receive your 20% member discount, enter the code mbr20off in the discount field on the Art Cart or Checkout page.

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About the instructor: Agnes Kukawska is an art educator, painter, photographer and mother of two daughters. She has worked with kids of all ages for the past 20 years. Whether it be Siedlce (Poland) or South Bend (Indiana) she encourages the artistic growth and creative development of all who she is encounters. In her free time, Agnes is an abstract painter who finds joy in recreating nature through bold strokes of color as well as expressive composition of line and shape.

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