Rubber Stamp Workshop: Saturday February 20, 2021


Rubber Stamp Workshop

Instructor: Justin Gordon

Date:  Saturday, February 20, 2021

Time:  12pm to 5pm

Explore the rewarding process of creating a reusable rubber stamp from start to finish. This intensive 5 hour workshop will cover the basic approach to constructing a 1-3 square inch stamp and the techniques for designing, cutting, and printing by hand.

Beginning by cutting the chosen sized rubber pad and the appropriate wooden backing to be glued to, we will design the INVERTED images/lettering for transfer, then gouge the negative space from the print area. Using simple inked stamp-pads, we can test and refine our resulting product, and finally create a finished print for labeling the back of our stamp-block. Perfect for personal decoration, business use, or simple fun!

Cost:  $100

Member Cost:  $80

In stock

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