Collaboration Through Totems


Each student will create one piece for a totem pole that will be assembled by the end of camp week. The first day we will all work to build individual pieces for a class totem pole. Then the next 2 days we will explore different ways to build and throw with clay to create one of a kind works of art. The last 2 days will be for glazing work created at the beginning of the week


Ages 9-12

9:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Ceramics Room

Instructor: Megan Archer

Megan Archer was born and raised in the South Bend/Mishawaka area. Growing up she fostered a love for art, reading and nature. She graduated from Saint Mary’s College with a B.F.A in Studio Art with a Concentration in Sculpture and Ceramics and a Minor in Film Studies. These interests lead her to a place where she can develop her talents and also show others what they are capable of as well. Teaching others and helping them discover a love of learning and working with their hands has also been a passion of hers for a long time. Megan also serves as the Kiln Technician for the South Bend Museum of Art.

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