Our Faculty

Adult Instructors, Years at the South Bend Museum of Art and Biography

Howard Scott, Watercolor 22 years

Cathy McCormick, Pastels and Drawing 17 years

Birgit Scott, Fiber Arts, Knitting, 16 years

Laura Miller, Ceramics, 15 years

Kate Johnston, Jewelry, 15 years

Kari Black, Ceramics, 12 years

David Lester Learn, Painting 9 years

Kathy Getz Fodness, Ceramics, 7 years

Josh Myers, Digital Photography, 7 years

Amy Klingler, Ceramics 6 years

Dan Slattery, Watercolor 6 years

Diane Dorn, Encaustics, Watercolor 2 years

Krista Kuskye, Digital and Black/White Photography, 4 years

Melvin Dokes, Ceramics

Andy Boze, Fiber Arts Weaving

Troy Aiken, Ceramics

Leonor Wangensteen, Ceramics

*New* Elise DeSomer, Fibers & Photography

Katherine Elliot, Drop In Drawing

*New* Kolton Sizer, Figure Drawing & Painting, Drop In Drawing

*New* Esther Ollar, Watercolor, Fiber, Paper Quilling

*New* Karen Snyder, Metals, Jewelry and Fabrication

*New* Carin Weston, Photography

Youth Instructors

Megan Archer, Ceramics 4 years

Aubrey Hittle, Painting, Mixed Media and Hand Weaving 2 years

Sherry Sprouls, Youth Drawing, 1 year

Katherine Elliot, Drawing

Melinda Bandera, Painting

Rachel Berryman, Mixed Media

*New* Esther Ollar, Watercolor, Fiber, Paper Quilling

Summer & Visiting Instructors

*New* Thomas Cornell, Sculpture

Lisa Helmholdt, Painting and Mixed Media

Heather Zobrosky, Mixed Media

Kristen Elkington, Youth Weaving

Justin Barfield, Printmaking (Teen Printmaking)

Anne Napoli, Mixed Media

Susan Ward, Sculpture (Found Object Survey Camp)

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