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Full Deck | A Short History of Skate Art


American Series 2011 | October 1, 2011 – January 8, 2012
Presenting an anthology of skate art from the 1960’s to the present. Over 300 skateboard decks borrowed from artists, skaters, and companies from across the country displayed, along with dozens of photographs, other original artwork, videos, and related skate culture paraphernalia. Read More…

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We Are the Ship: The Story of Negro League Baseball

We Are the Ship

American Series 2012 | September 15 – November 11, 2012
Original paintings by award-winning artist Kadir Nelson which tell the story of baseball’s Negro Leagues in the first half of the twentieth century: the story of gifted athletes and determined owners, of hundreds of unsung heroes who overcame segregation, hatred, terrible conditions, and low pay to do the one thing they loved more than anything else in the world: Play Ball! Read More…

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Recombination | Painting and Sculpture by Art Martin and Lee Brown


December 15, 2012 – February 4, 2013
Painter Art Martin and sculptor Lee Brown combine familiar elements and objects into new forms and relationships. Found items, both depicted and physical, are merged with others in landscape and sculptural forms, adding their own inherent and narrative characteristics, whereby the familiar becomes new or is experienced in an unfamiliar way. Read More…

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Mary King: Beautiful Industry


March 9 – June 2, 2013 | Art League Gallery
Beautiful Industry, exhibited in the Art League Gallery of the South Bend Museum of Art, featured the work of artist Mary King that pays homage to the beautiful and decaying but once mighty, productive and noxious factories near Chicago and in Detroit. Read More…

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Makers and Champions

Makers and Champions

South Bend’s Rich Artistic Legacy: 1841 – Present
March 23 – June 16, 2013
This exhibition offers reflections on the fine arts history of the area, and showcases important artists, people, and institutions that have contributed to the rich artistic heritage of South Bend and the surrounding area. Read More…

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Creactive: Ivy Tech Community College Juried Student Exhibition 2013


May 18 – August 18, 2013
The South Bend Museum of Art is proud to host this exhibition of student work. Ivy Tech Community College’s School of Fine Art & Design (SOFAD)’s program in Visual Communication offers courses in graphic design, photography, web design, film & video, as well as drawing, painting, and three dimensional design. Read More…

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Collaborative Printmaking in BLACK AND WHITE and color

Selections from the Segura Arts Studio
June 15 – September 8, 2013
Featuring the work of established and emerging minority artists, Black and White and Color reflects the mission of the Segura Arts Studio, recent;y relocated to the Notre Dame Center for Arts and Culture. The SBMA is extending their introduction to the community with this exhibition. Read More…

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Biennial 27 | A Window into Contemporary Art in the Midwest


July 6 – October 6, 2013
Reception: August 2, 2013 | 5:00 – 7:30 p.m.
Biennial 27 presents a diverse look into contemporary artwork made by 11 artists living in the Midwest. Read More…

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Art Matters | Stories from SBMA

Art Matters

August 31 – November 10, 2013
Jerome J. Crowley Community Gallery
This exhibition reflects the SBMA mission to “reflect and create community and engage minds” with a display of images and answers to the question, “What does art mean to you?” Read More…

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Somewhere There | The Role of Place in the Work of Four Local Photographers

Moore: WimblyDrive

September 21, 2013 – February 16, 2014
A sense of place locates us within the world and provides context to our experiences within it. We also identify with places as extensions of ourselves — garnering pride, nostalgia, or sometimes embarrassment in them. Without place, we feel dislocated and disjointed, afloat without an orientation. The work of local photographers Susan Moore, Steve Moriarty, Fred Slaski and Steve Toepp highlights this importance. Read More…

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